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The easiest way to generate SEO optimized blogs and manage your Webflow and Shopify CMS. Wordpress integration coming soon.
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Busy founders, SEO agencies, marketing agencies, and bloggers love using Opendraft to make their Webflow and Shopify content writing experience effortless.

Why Opendraft?

Write and edit SEO optimized blogs faster

Opendraft is the easiest way to optimize your Webflow and Shopify websites for SEO. Use our rich text blog editor that syncs to your website and generate articles instantly with our AI.

How it works

Write 2,000+ Words in 1 Minute

Use our AI writer to generate SEO optimized blogs for Shopify and Webflow sites. Manage and schedule blogs using our intuitive interface.

Target SEO keywords

Simply provide our AI writer with 1-2 sentences on what to write, and it’ll understand and start writing for you.

  • Include any SEO keywords you want to rank for
  • Use a programmatic SEO template
  • Target keywords in bulk

Bulk generate SEO optimized blogs

Writing great content isn't easy. We've got a suite of tools that can help you create high quality content at scale.

  • Create up to 100 blogs simultaneously
  • Instantly batch generate product descriptions, SEO copy & more with our batch generation feature
  • Opendraft AI writer takes you from keyword to a 2,000+ word article in minutes

Full rich text editor

Use our powerful AI editing tools to edit or write more content, then export it to wherever you need.

  • Full feature rich text editor
  • Easily write and edit any blogs
  • Export in multiple formats like HTML, Markdown, or CSV to import into Wordpress, Shopify, or Ghost CMS.

Add blog images with Opendraft

Writing great content isn't easy. We've got a suite of tools that can help you create high quality content at scale.

  • Easily add a thumbnail or main blog image with our free image generator
  • Regenerate and update images whenever you like
  • Upload or add your own images

Schedule in advance

Schedule blogs to publish at a later date and time using Opendraft's scheduler. Automatically publish to your Webflow or Shopify blogs.

  • Publish now or schedule your blogs in advance
  • Customize the date and time to schedule
  • Schedule an infinite amount of blogs at a later date

Opendraft Features

Generate SEO optimized content instantly for your Webflow and Shopify blogs.

Real-Time Blog Sync

When a new blog is created in Opendraft, it will be published to your Webflow or Shopify blog. You can edit, publish, and unpublish directly from Opendraft for multiple different sites.

Generate Blogs With AI

Using just a title or a keyword, generate a full 2,000+ word article with our specialized AI.

Schedule Blogs in Advance

Schedule blogs in advance to post on Webflow or Shopify
Coming soon

Generate Thumbnail Images

Use Opendraft to generate and add thumbnails to your blogs.
Coming soon

Bulk Generate Articles

Write up to 100 articles at the same time with Opendraft's Magic AI Writer.
Coming soon

Customizable Field Mapping

Choose with Webflow fields to map your content when writing your blogs.

Multiple Blog Connections

Sync all of your Webflow and Shopify sites into Opendraft. Makes managing multiple website blogs efficient and effortless.

Unlimited Connections

Integrate as many Shopify and Webflow accounts as you need. Set up unlimited data connections to give you complete flexibility.

Easy Interface

A great interface to manage your Webflow blogs.

SEO Optimization

Write or edit your blogs using our AI to optimize for AI or rewrite existing blogs.

Flexible pricing

Choose a plan that fits your event integration needs. Pricing is per connection, there is no limit of how many connections you can have. Questions? Contact us.
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  • 2 AI blog credits on sign up
  • Webflow and Shopify integration
  • Add team members
  • Fully refundable
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Supercharge your SEO traffic and web presence.
  • 100 AI blog credits per month
  • Unlimited organizations
  • Unlimited website connections
  • Schedule up to 100 blogs per month
  • White glove service and setup
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You've got questions, and we have the answers.

What is Opendraft?

Opendraft is a software that lets you write, edit, and manage your blogs. You can use Opendraft with any blog website. If you have Webflow or Shopify, you can use our native integration that lets you publish and edit blogs on Webflow and Shopify without importing or exporting.

You can use our AI to generate 2,000+ word blogs and automatically publish to your blog. We also let you schedule your blogs in advance to be published at a later date.

What is an AI generated blog?

An AI generated blog uses our AI to write a full length blog article for you. You can use a keyword or a title to generate up to 3,000 words for your blog article.

How does the Shopify or Webflow integration work?

There are instructions in your dashboard for connecting the Shopify and/or Webflow integrations. You just need the API key from either one to connect your existing blog.

Can I use Opendraft if I don't use Shopify or Webflow?

Yes! You can use Opendraft for whatever blog platform you normally use. Simply create and edit the blogs using Opendraft and then export the blogs to import into your website.